What is 4K Ultra HD?

With 4K Ultra HD We’re Entering an Era of Riveting and Immersible TV Viewing

4k resolution with 3840 X 2160 pixels

There are many technological differences which affect your TV viewing pleasure, and if you are tired of listening to your friends raving about the real-life experiences being enjoyed on their latest television sets, it may be time for an upgrade. For a massive sporting event such as the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, only the best will do, and this event is covered in 4K. The 4K Ultra HD, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 means more pixels and this means more detail and sharpness.

This is what your friends are talking about; pictures so clear, you want to restrain yourself from jumping right in and joining the fun. People stay at home because of these TVs as they rival going to the movie theater, from the sharp bright colors to the magnificent sound; everything about the 4K experience is designed to be utterly and totally immersive.

You’ll See the Difference

When it comes to brightness you won’t be able to beat the 4K with its LED technology. With a Clear Motion Rate of 1200 with the Samsung 4K Ultra HD for instance, you get action-packed movement with outstanding clarity and contrast. Clear Motion Rate measures how well a LED TV depicts fast-moving images and CMR calculates frame refresh rate, backlight technology and image processor speed.

The 8K Ultra HD

Consumers have not shown an interest in 3D television and consumer electronics companies realize that 4K resolution TV are what people are demanding for their upgrades. There are 2 forms of Ultra HD; 4K and 8K. When you compare the two, 4K Ultra HD has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 which is more or less 4X the number of pixels in Full HD format. 8K Ultra HD produces 7,680 x 4,320 pixel resolution which is more or less 16 times the pixel resolution of Full HD.

Created by Japanese state broadcaster NHK, 8K, Super Hi-Vision or Ultra High Definition TV is a 2D television format which is no less than 16X more detailed than current full HD and has 33 million pixels as apposed to 2 million. No pixels are visible to the eye. Outside of Japan it is known as 8K Ultra HD. Worldwide launch of 8K ultra HD is set for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Lots of Fantastic 4K TV Features

Ultra HD 4K televisions don’t just come with unbeatable resolution, most models are also equipped with 3D capability. Probably one of the most exciting features of 4K TVs is that, as Smart TVs with wifi capability, you get to enjoy all the features of being connected to the Internet. This means having access to a range of online services that you access with your laptop or cell phone. Other exciting online services include social networking and instant messaging as well as video on demand.

To access these features, you will need an Internet connection like an Ethernet port which most Smart TVs have. Smart TVs also mean accessing Windows Media Player or iTunes remotely on your TV.

You can get really lazy with the smart interaction features of the Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV because you can control your TV with your hand. With simple hand gestures as well as voice commands you can be ordering your TV around, asking it to find programs you are interested in, visiting the S-Recommendation hub to find new things to watch and getting program suggestions from your TV. TV manufacturers like Samsung also develop their own online stores which will allow you to download extra apps on to your Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV.

*Best of 4k at CES 2014. From Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony and Lenovo all of these manufacturers have unveiled 4k tech. Find out more!

About 4K Upscaling

People always want to know if their usual cable programming, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and streaming entertainment will look different on a 4K Ultra HD TV and the answer is yes. The Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs upscaling technology enhances picture quality of everything you watch. The Sony 4K X-Reality PRO Picture engine analyzes images so that images look better than ever.

All 4K Ultra HD TVs can upscale currently available standard and HD resolution content and an increasing number of Home Theater receivers and Blu-ray Disc players also have 4K upscaling capability. The TV upconverts the video from your game console, Blu-ray player, satellite or cable TV box to make video sources match the higher screen resolution of a 4K TV.

Higher definition and television networks are working together and as video creators, distributors and download sites like Netflix add more 4K content to their ever growing libraries, many consumers are starting to realize that upgrading to 4K TVs is simply becoming inevitable. The first lot of 4K content won’t only be available on streaming services like Netflix, but also YouTube and Amazon Instant.

4k ultra hd tv

Big Name TVs Offer Crystal-clear Clarity

Television technology has made fantastic strides forward recently and some of the big names in television such as Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp, HiSense, Panasonic, Seiki, LG and Sony among others offer 4K Ultra HD TVs. The increased resolution ensures that even close up images are less pixilated are are far more clear and realistic.

With the 4K Ultra HD you can sit closer to the television screen without seeing pixilation of scenes. This makes it possible today to have massive TVs such as the 110-inch Ultra HDTV which is still capable of providing superb picture quality. This is the beauty of 4K Ultra HD technology; you can sit wherever you wish in a small or large living room and clarity is never compromised.

Handling 4K Video

Most HDTVs today use the HDMI 1.4 standard in order to process video and audio signals between a source.Many of the new 4K Ultra HD TVs to be released in 2014 will have the new HDMI 2.0 standard. There are some manufacturers who have made it that 4K Ultra HD TVs with HDMI 1.4 can be upgraded to the newest HDMI 2.0 standard.

They’re Getting Cheaper

The 4K Ultra HD TVs are also getting cheaper, making it possible for more people to own one. The 55-inch Samsung UE55F9000 as an example, launched at $5,500 in the United States and 4,000 in the UK for instance and within weeks Samsung offered a price drop of 700 down to 3,299. The affordability of 4K TVs is making upgrading far more viable for TV viewing lovers.

Unique In-Home Services Round Off Carefree Viewing

There are so many good reasons for insisting on the 4K Ultra HD TVs. Visit your TV dealer and look at the range of sets and compare picture quality and sound. Anyone who wants the best in home entertainment technology will want to get their hands on the big set features of 4K Ultra HD TV.

Nothing is left to chance, and the technician will double check that everything in perfect with your TV after installation and configuration with the unique in-home services you get. With guarantees all round, you’ll know you are in for a lot of spectacular and carefree TV viewing the minute your 4K TV enters your door.

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