The 2014 New TV Range Tempts People to Stay Indoors

People around the world are subjected to high levels of crime and many are opting to stay at home rather than going out for leisure activities. It is not surprising then that 30% of Americans will buy a new TV in 2014 because there is very little you cannot have from the newest televisions. From top brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, Panasonic and Sharp, there is a rising generation of young Americans who are pressing home their argument that TV combined with the Internet is the perfect vehicle to meet their needs and keep up with the demand for information and entertainment.

samsung new tv 2014

The truth is that we are all dependent on computers. We use them for work, we download games and important information, we download apps and connect with people through Facebook and Twitter, and with the 2014 new TV line-up, the versatile Internet/TV combination is becoming an essential tool for today’s busy lifestyles.

You Get a Whole Lot More than just a TV
Despite the proliferation of tablets and mobiles, watching television is still the most popular audio-visual medium, and the new 2014 range of TVs hardly needs any improvement. They offer a hard-to-beat way to relax. With a Netflix account as an example you can use different apps on your TV, stream movies or even use your TV speaker system to play music. Staying in and not going to a theater doesn’t mean missing out on 3D movies either. With the 2014 new TVs 3D capabilities, you’ll never need to go to the movies again and put up with noisy popcorn eaters and irritating cell phone users.

Unlimited Access to the Outside World
To tap the benefits of these new Smart TVs , many people are wanting to invest in these new beguiling televisions which have taken the market by storm. The fear of falling behind in technology is causing many individuals and businesses to probe deeper into the features of these Smart TVs which promise unlimited access to the outside world. These TVs are a revolution simply because they allow us to do such a lot of things from our homes, whether its keeping up with latest sport events or logging onto foreign databases.

New TV’s for Those who Won’t Settle for Mediocre
One reason why so many Americans are looking to buy a 2014 new TV is that they realize that size really does better. Sport loving Americans want big screen TVs for the Super Bowl, the upcoming FIFA World Cup and the Olympics. Retailers always have special offers and promotions leading up to these games with their big screens being marked down between $2,000 and $3,000 or even more. With Samsung 4k ultra hd technology for instance, UHD’s picture resolution is four times higher than the full-HD standard and this is another reason why so many Americans are looking to invest in new TVs; they want the vibrant colors and crystal clear images to bring their stars and heroes ‘alive’ into their living rooms.


To be in on all the action from around the world, why not take advantage of Black Friday sales? Taking place on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in November, TV’s go at such bargains that retailers have started opening their sale on the evening before, on Black Thursday. December Sales and Cyber Monday Sales are also great days to pick up bargains and good deals on new TVs. Americans agree that when it comes to buying a new TV, price comes first, features are the next most important and a good brand is next.

One-Stop Shop for Value and Big Savings
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