Sony XBR85X950B The Ultra HD TV Of The Future

sony 4k xbr 85 inch (XBR85X950B)

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Television has evolved greatly since its inception. Nowadays, you can hardly find any household with no TV. At the present, the rage is all about Ultra HD and Sony XBR85X950B is one of them. If you are interested to know more about this Sony 85 inch 4k TV, then you will certainly find this article very informative.

* Sony was demoing their flagship model, the XBR-85X950B, at their booth. This 85″ model is being referred to as the “Reference Standard,” utilizing their Triluminos display technology. This set will support 4K and 3D content while using Sony’s Extended Dynamic Range Pro image processing. This will allow the ability to take advantage of the full 256 gray scale for accurate color reproduction, especially in the deepest of blacks and whitest whites. Take a look!

Outstanding Features

One of the first things you will notice when viewing in front of Sony XBR85X950B is the black saturation, especially considering that it’s a 4k LED TV. At the very least, the quality is outstanding. Not a lot of people realize why black saturation is important. With good black saturation, every other color on the screen will simply pop out, as the black color will provide a good contrast.

However, that is not the only thing that is going for Sony XBR85X950B. In fact, it is so much more than that. This Sony 85 inch 4k TV is loaded with all of Sony’s TV technology has to offer. This includes X-tended Dynamic Range Pro and Triluminous color. The real ace card is the Sony’s finest 4K X-Reality Pro.

If you should know, most tech reviewers agree that the X-Reality 4k Engine is currently the best in the market when it comes to converting and formatting different types of resolutions and content to a 4k native panel. The feature definitely is a one-up compared to LG and Samsung 4k TV, with regards to this department.

“Lots of features and one remote to control them all”. Well, it’s a touch pad remote to be exact. The remote for Sony XBR85X950B features a jet black color and matte finish. Operating the remote is easy to the fingers and its surprisingly responsive. It certainly speeds up inputting information and scrolling.

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sony 4k ultra hd tv


Things That Matter

Most consumers are not technical when it comes to the features of the latest Ultra HD TV these days. Rather getting gritty on internal features of Ultra HD TV, it’s better to compare how the TV will present its entertainment features. Do you like the user interface, its color scheme, the icon placement and general usability?

The Sony XBR85X950B has a new user interface layout and its called as Sony Entertainment Network. The system categorizes the content into Albums, Music, Apps and Movies. The interface is easy to use and intuitive. A lot of people would say its miles better compared to the older generations. The biggest improvement is the Apps selections as there are a lot more of interesting stuffs.

Some people want to be always ahead of the pack and purchase very new technology. The downside, since it’s new, there will be lesser content for it. Fortunately, Sony is currently the 4K content leader. Also, Sony XBR85X950B includes a streaming box that can hold from 40 to 50 movies that are already in 4K format. This may be relatively a new technology, but at least you will have enough content to justify the purchase.

* Presented at CES 2014 Sony BRAVIA TVs with features that will make your experience even more fun: One Flick Entertainment and Social Viewing, besides TRILUMINOS 4K Display technology

Social Viewing

Another interesting feature of the Sony XBR85X950B is the “Social Viewing”. It’s a feature that displays social media-related applications in relation to the current program you are watching. The feature does not really appeal to all TV programs. However, for certain TV shows like Reality TV shows (The Bachelor and The Voice) and big sporting events, it can really be a fun addition.

For example, while watching a basketball championship, you will be able to see people’s tweet about the game. Also, you can Skype with your friend while watching the game on the same TV screen.


There is not much to say about the downsides of Sony XBR85X950B as the technology is new and there are only a few items you can compare it to. However, the main issue is the price. For most people, they would find the Ultra HD TV very expensive. But what can you say? From the looks of it, Sony did not hold anything back at creating such piece of technology and the TV indeed can demand top pricing. On a little note, the remote control does not include voice recognition.

Sony XBR85X950B is definitely a magnificent piece of technology. It’s an Ultra HD TV jam packed with features. The black saturation is superb, the technology is at its finest, social media capable and comes with great content. If you have the resources to bring one of these bad boys home, then the Sony XBR85X950B is definitely worth checking.

At last, Sony X950B 88 inch will cost you for $24,999.00 on Amazon where the prices are quite heavy and expensive as well. If this is a comfortable price for you than it can be a good choice to make without regrets. However, with technology and features, you are still getting your money’s worth. 😉

  • Jonathan A. Bennett

    The black levels are stunning, deep, rich, which results in amazing contrast when you have a good source such as prime time broadcast television or a nicely mastered blu-ray. It’s quite simply the most immersive, highest resolution TV experience possible has ever offered by Sony.